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1929 2013 2017 4811 a hint of pink a peek inside a peek into the pond abandoned abolitionist adam's point adirondack adirondacks alley alone amandat ansco architecture armeria art asteraceae at the docks atlantic atop autumn autumn stroll avenue awaiting company balanced rocks bales barn battery battery seaman bay beach beach art beacon beautiful beauty beauty without the need of color bell flower bellow falls benches berries berry black black white blackberries blackeyed blackeyed susan bleeding bleeding heart bleeding hearts blossom blue blue hour blue moon bluebells blueberries blued boardwalk boat boats bog bokeh bolt bomber bracketed branch river brand new day brick bridge bright brown betty brownie buds building buildings bunker buoys butler flats lighthouse bw c47 cairn calculated risk camden camera caught from behind cava centre st ceres st chapel pond chasing cheer cherries chocorua circles circles of light city cityscape civil war cliff close up closeup clouds cloudy coast coastline cobble cobble stones cobbles cobblestone cobblestones cold color colors colors of the night commercial alley coned confused confusion connected constitution light cork's curds corson country farm courtyard cove crescent crossing daisy dam darkness darkness forest dawn dc3 deck deep within delicate depth of field detail details dew dinghy dirt road disappearing dock docked docks dof douglas dover dover street downtown drawbridge driftwood drops dunes durham dusk early mooring early morning eastman kodak edges edginess elba english bull's eye evening exeter exeter nh fall fallen snow farm farmer's market farmhouse fat belly's feeder stream field fine art fire first light fishing fishing boats fishnet flower flowing fog foliage follow the light food foot bridge footbridge fort fort constitution fort foster fort mcclary fort rodman fort stark fort taber fort tabor fragile from behind fruit full moon garden gerbera glass pear going nowhere golden graffiti granite grass green grounds hancock wharf hanger hanging happy holidays happy new year harbor hay hazel boutique hdr heart hidden hidden beauty hidden gem hill historic historic district history hokey holiday holidays hook horizon hydrangea ice in the garden indoor inlet iphoto original iris iron island january 1st jerry's point john brown john brown farmhouse july 31 2015 keene keene valley kittery kittery me kittery point kittery pt. lady dee lake lake chocorua lake placid lamiaceae landscape last light le leading line leading lines leaf leaves leica i lifesaving station light lighthouse lights lilac lilacs lines lobster boat lobster boats logs lonely tree long exposure lost lost in salvia low tide m4 ma macro maine marginal way maritime marsh mass massachusetts masts me meandering memo box memorial bridge military military transport mill mist model a monochrome monotone montreal moon moran tugs morning moss mountain mountains moxy mt. chocorua n. water street nature new bedford new bedford harbor new castle new castle commons new castle nh new england new hampshire new york newmarket nh night north church north elba nowhere nubble nubble light nubble lighthouse ny ocean odiorne odiorne point odiorne point state park odiorne state park off to the races ogunquit old barn old dock pilings old orchard old orchard beach one blade opening act orchard beach ornament osborne state park outdoor overcast overlap overlooking owl's head paint me park path pathway pease pease international tradeport peek peek through peeking peninsula penobscot bay perennial perkins cove petal petals pier pierce island piers pile pilings pines pink piscataqua piscataqua river plant plum island pond porthole portsmouth portsmouth brewery portsmouth harbor portsmouth nh prescott park purple puttin' on the glitz pylons quaint queen of hearts quiet rail railroad raspberries rebar red reflection river road rockland rockport rocks rocky rolled round rounded rubrifolia rudbeckia hirta ruins rust rusted rye rye nh sailboats sailing salisbury salisbury state park salvia sand scallop vessels schooners sea grass sea pink sea scallop seacoast seascape seascapes shack shadow sheafe sherman ships shops shore silhoette silhouette simple beauty six16 skates sky skytrain smooth snow softness solitude south end southend spiderweb spring squamscott river standout state park stem stillness stone stone arch railroad bridge stormy strawberries stream street street art stroll structure summer sun sun down sun up sundown sunlit sunrise sunrising sunset sunsetting sunup super moon supermoon susan sweet bleeding heart tail tamsworth tank target the decks the pier thrift tones tracks trail train tracks tree trees tugboats tugs two lights unconsumed under underneath unpaved up close up north upstream valley veins vermont vessels vibrant vignette vintage voyeur voyeuristic vt wagon wagon hill farm waldron dam wall walls warm warm wishes 2016 water waterfront weathered west penobscot bay wheels white white mountains whiteface whiteface mt. wild windjammers windows winter wood island wooden yellow yellow dusk york york harbor
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