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Greetings and welcome to my site! My name is James Merecki and I am a landscape and nature photographer (and digital capturer) based out of the heart of New Hampshire's seacoast region. I am a simple man who loves photographing the beauty that surrounds me. Unfortunately, catering to full-time work in another arena, my time to enjoy photography is left to weekends and particularly early morning and latter points in the day. I am a self-taught photographer who picked up the hobby 30 years ago from admiring my dad, an avid photographer and camera collector. I guess I must have adopted his patience with the camera. Although I miss the film days (using my trusty '76 Olympus OM-1), I do love digital technology and the immediacy of viewing the results of the shoot. The equipment I use is on the Nikon side - shooting D810 as primary and D610 as backup (I can say that I have never shot with Canon, Sony, or Fuji). I recently had been asked to provide a few basic tips that I use with my landscape and nature shots...these are the basic rules I follow...

1. Ensure you have a solid foundation of understanding photography. It's a must!

2. Know your camera (and equipment).  Equipment wise, have a good tripod.  My preference for tripods is actually aluminum, not the carbon fiber.  I prefer having the extra weight, especially shooting in stronger winds and in water.  Don't go overboard with pricing as there lots of quality tripods at the $200-$300 range.  However, if you decide to get a carbon fiber, definitely look at used ones for sale on Ebay as there's always great deals.  Similarly with ball heads...

3. Shoot with good glass (although work with what you have).

4. Shoot in manual mode...this is my own rule as I purposely do not shoot in Auto, Aperture, Shutter, or Program mode...ever.  I want to ensure I am in total control of the camera, controlling shutter, aperture and ISO.

5. Stay away from shooting in jpeg mode...I always recommend shooting in raw (advantages in post processing as well as printing).

6. Practice, practice, practice...

7. Always look at the scene (the composition, lighting, perspectives, leading lines...).

8. Don’t be afraid to screw up...meaning it's okay to break the traditional "photography" rules.

9. Play around with bracketing, HDR and focus stacking.

10. Take advantage of shooting around sunup and sundown as the light is at it's best. My camera is mostly idle in between those times.

11. If you need to work images in post, I would recommend Adobe Lightroom. I have used Photoshop but it really is not needed - I don't use it nor do I particular care for it. The photograph you take should only be modified minimally and Lightroom is more than sufficient.  For images where HDR post-processing is required, then my recommendation is still Lightroom.  My alternative choice would be Aurora HDR.

12. I always look at photography showcasing creativity...it's not about capturing the view exactly how it appears...

...bring the image to life...the image should tell a story...create the moment...it's your interpretation...

Thanks very much for stopping by!  All of my photographs are for sale and there are many sizes and finishes to choose from.. Please drop me a note if you have any questions or comments or just want to say "hi".  I would be more than happy to share image locations, techniques used in the shot, shot settings, post process (if any) and equipment used.



beauty through the lens...

if one could appreciate one’s surroundings... a collection of memories, simple as they are, captured through my travels. my hope would be that these images will inspire the viewer to take a closer look at the simple beauty that surrounds us...

James Merecki

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